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Spreewald - There's only one like this in Germany

Pure recreation in the water maze

Less than one hour away from Berlin is the unspoilt hundred kilometer narrow delta waterways. Designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1991- the waterways were used by the Slav-related Sorbs and Wends to transport products from cucumbers to furniture.

The best way to see the unspoilt nature and the established culture is from a boat, a kayak or canoe. There are also many tempting footpaths? it is a unique landscape!

You tell us what you want and we arrange an unforgettable journey, whatever your taste for transport ? a water voyage or a combination from different activities. WE organize your luggage transfer and accommodation.

Spree bikeway

Spree bikeway starts at the spring of the river Spree at a height of 478m and leads to Berlin, covering a distance of 410km and takes you through unspoilt nature, the historical cities, one of the most important lakelands in Europe and of course the complete crossing of Spreewald. It is a journey of atmosphere and charm.
This bike tour is divided in 5 stages.

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