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Private Tours

For groups, companies, associations, families and student tours. Day and time arbitrary. Best service and perfect planning. Our tours are available in these languages:

Culinary Tours

Enjoy the old part of Berlin in a culinary way or explore Kreuzberg with tastings. Eat a real Berlin Currywurst.

Berlin on Bike

Bring your own bike or hire one of our bikes. Safely and relaxed tours. Here is the starting point of our bike tours.

Berlin Walking Tours

Walking Tour: Highlights & History Tour

travelxsite berlin walking tour government quarter
  • Taking a dive into our history
  • The old and new government quarters, Prussia, the Holocaust Memorial, Hitler´s bunker and the transformation of Potsdamer Platz

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Walking Tour: Scheunenviertel

travelxsite berlin walking tour scheunenviertel hackesche hoefe
  • Berlin's historic old town
  • Side streets oozing with stories of crime and racketeering
  • Find out why lower class artist Heinrich Zille loved this place
  • Jewish Life, Hackesche Höfe and a swinging Ballroom

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Walking Tour: Kreuzberg

travelxsite berlin walking tour kreuzberg
  • Transition from the past in Berlin´s new boomtown
  • The lively hustle and bustle, the city´s oldest U-Bahn, all things multicultural and quirky
  • The tour leads you past 19th century Founding Epoch style buildings and along canal paths

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Walking Tour: Prenzlauer Berg

travelxsite berlin walking tour prenzlauer berg
  • Exploring the transformation of one of Berlin´s most beautiful and interesting districts
  • Formerly a working class area, it then found its place in the hearts of Berlin trendsetters and hipsters
  • In any case high-spirited

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Walking Tour: Along the Wall

travelxsite berlin walking tour along the wall
  • An excursion that brings history to life, Stories of escape, remains of the Wall, tunnels, and a vanished church

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Walking Tour: Cosmopolitan Tour

travelxsite berlin walking tour cosmopolitan
  • A city tour done differently!
  • We connect sightseeing to Berlin´s role in the world, its rise through its immigrants, religion, and multiculturalism
  • A refreshing tour exploring yesterday, today and tomorrow in the capital

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Berlin Bike Tours

Bike Tour: Berlin Wall

travelxsite berlin bike tour berlin wall
  • More exciting than any thriller!
  • Approx. 8 km along the former Death Strip, past remaining fragments of the Wall, you will climb up a border guard tower and hear reports from an eyewitness of history

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Bike Tour: Berlin Highlights

travelxsite berlin bike tour highlights
  • Perfect for first-timers: the government quarter, Prussia´s splendour, the jewish quarter, Potsdamer Platz, the Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall history. An in-depth glimpse of the city and exciting background stories

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Bike Tour: Kreuzberg Deluxe

travelxsite berlin bike tour kreuzberg deluxe
  • Real Berliner Currywurst at Curry 36
  • Kreuzberg Waterfall and the National Monument
  • Magnificent court yards and Gründerzeit architecture
  • Admire the breathtaking panorama of Tempelhof Airport

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Bike Tour: Wall & Highlights

travelxsite berlin bike tour wall highlights
  • 2-themed tour
  • Part one is dedicated to the Cold War and the history of the wall
  • Part two takes you to the city's must-see places and iconic sights

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Bike Tour: Kreuzberg and Spree

travelxsite berlin bike tour kreuzberg spree
  • Experience the colorful life of this diverse quarter
  • 19th century, Founding Epoch style buildings, waterways, green oases, old stories as well as a break with the past an change

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Bike Tour: Oases in the metropolis

travelxsite berlin bike tour oases metropolis
  • We whisk you away to the Berliner´s hidden urban retreats
  • Enchanting parks, boules, courts, courtyards and tucked away biergartens
  • Berlin at its most authentic

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Full Day Bike Tours: Berlin 3-Day Bike Tour

This Tour is for everyone looking to explore the whole of Berlin not just bits of it. Getting the full picture of Berlin is what this bike tour is about. Explore the city's very best and plunge into recent history. Cruise around the famous housing blocks of the City West and follow us into Berlin's most popular neighbourhoods. Fill your lungs in Berlin's green parks and pedal along the canals. Enjoy 100% Berlin on this 3-day bike tour!

travelxsite berlin bike tour 3-day

Our offer:

  • A guided bike tour of Berlin
  • Reservation of hostels (upon request)
  • Reservation of selected restaurants (upon request)

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Full Day Bike Tours

We do 4 different full day tours of Berlin in different parts of the city. Join us for example on our City West and Potsdam Tour. You'll be just amazed!

travelxsite berlin full day bike tours

Our offer:

  • A guided bike tour of Berlin
  • Reservation of hostels (upon request)
  • Reservation of selected restaurants (upon request)

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Potsdam Walking Tours

Walking Tour of Potsdam

Explore with us the splendours of Prussia. Discover beautiful little alley- ways and the wonders of Potsdam's partly reconstructed City Palace. The Dutch Quarter and the small side streets of the old town are truly enchanting with a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. At the end of this tour we will take a walk through the Potsdam Brandenburg Gate towards Sanssouci Park.

travelxsite potsdam walking tour

Our offer:

  • A guided walking tour of Potsdam
  • The Dutch Quarter
  • Sanssouci Park (in part)

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Berlin Jouney

Tour offers: Organisation

We will efficiently arrange everything connected with your stay in Berlin. Sightseeing, accommodation, excursions to Potsdam or Spreewald, cultural events or simply culinary tips. You are welcome!

travelxsite berlin journey

Our offer:

  • Accomodation
  • Biking Tour Berlin
  • Walking Tour Berlin
  • Excursions

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Berlin Student Tours

Tours for School Groups

Especially for school groups we have walking, bike or bus tours for your fun trip to Berlin.

travelxsite berlin student tours school groups

Our offer:

  • Walking tour of Berlin
  • Bike tour of Berlin
  • Bus tour of Berlin
  • Reservation of hostels

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Berlin Company Tours

Tours for Corporate Clients

We offer customised company tours for corporate clients. Choose one of our bus, walking or bike tours best matching to how you want to discover the city and benefit from a great company trip to Berlin!

Tip: Our Walking Tour is also available as 'Walking Dinner Tour'.

travelxsite berlin company tours

Our offer:

  • Walking tour of Berlin
  • Bike tour of Berlin
  • Bus tour of Berlin
  • Walking Dinner Tour

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Berlin Bus Tour

Bus Tour of Berlin

Our Berlin Bus Tour is outstanding for connecting the past and the present with the future. While discovering the city you'll learn about Berlin's most recent and future changes.

Choose between 4 different routes or feel free to make a suggestion of your own.

travelxsite berlin bus tour

Our offer:

  • Experienced local guides
  • Bus hire upon request

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