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Berlin Walking Tour along the Wall

The Wall Memorial and incredible stories on divided Bernauer Straße

Nowhere are the traces of the separation of East and West more apparent than along the old border

The Wall encircling West Berlin was ca. 155 kilometers long.

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In the West it was called “Todesstreifen” (Strip of Death), in the East “Antifaschistischer Schutzwall” (Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart).

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The tour starts at U-Bahnhof Eberswalder Straße. Quickly we reach Bernauer Straße where houses were knocked down, people fled into the West and even border guards were heading over. Why was a church blown up in 1985, four years before the fall of the Wall?

We also visit the Berlin Wall Memorial. It documents the formation of the Wall, and we can see what remains of the original barrier.

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