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Berlin Bike Tour Oasis in the metropolis

Riverwalks, secluded yards and interesting things off the usual roads

Our bike tour of the city oases opens up a whole new perspective on Berlin

travelxsite berlin bike tour city oases spree

Leafy backyards, small boule places and paths along the many rivers, canals and lakes are typical for Berlin.

travelxsite berlin bike tour city oases beer garden rosenrot

There are still feral areas where the Wall used to be, and bohemians, dog owners and picnickers are occupying these places.

Beachbars, busy and fashionable during the day, or enchantingly illuminated by bonfires at night are inviting you to stay for a while.

We explore Berlin off the beaten track on this cycling tour and want to show you a genuine Berlin. Let us take you to the hidden treasures of Berlin.

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