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Berlin Walking Tour Kreuzberg Wild

The Wall, the spirit of the 80s and a mix of cultures in Kreuzberg

This walking tour through Kreuzberg offers Berlin Wall history and inspiring stories from the past leaving you with a feeling of liberty and creativeness

travelxsite berlin walking tour kreuzbergDuring the Division Kreuzberg was off at the edge of West Berlin.

travelxsite berlin walking tour kreuzberg bistro

Mostly ignored by the rest of the city its decaying tenements were housing a ragtag community: Foreign workers, conchies, students and artists. Here a young bohemia could live in an unconventional way.

Today this once isolated pocket has shifted to the center of the city and is undergoing a vast change to Boomtown. The music industry, Internet start-ups, Art dealers and artists are inhabiting the quarter.

But it is still a symbol of liberal lifestyle, ideas, tolerance and individual freedom. A tour around Kreuzberg offers an insight on departure, multiculturalism and a vivid past.

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