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Sport-active experience

Our tours/journeys are characterized by sport-active learning and exploration of the corresponding places. For us it is important to achieve the right mixture between being active, gaining experience and people, nature and culture enjoyment.

Meeting people

Our aim is to create opportunities for mixing with local people or people with common interests.

Having fun

Sightseeing should be entertaining! We offer experience with lots of fun. Interesting stories connected with real life are more fascinating than mere facts and figures.


The mood and the atmosphere of the landscape, and buildings are usually not the only impressive thing but also the heart of the city. We give opportunities to experience them all.

Environment-and social- compatibility

Our aim is to protect and support the city or district in question. This means, that as far as possible, journeys will be made using the public transport or other environmentally friendly means of transport like bikes, boats or on foot. We prefer charming family run accommodation to sober hotel chains. The traditions and habits of the district are also taken into account.

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