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Berlin Walking Tour Prenzlauer Berg

Plenty of opportunity and changes in Prenzlauer Berg

Learn of life in the days of socialism and all the new that followed

travelxsite berlin walking tour prenzlauer berg station

No other quarter has changed so much in such a short period of time. During times of the GDR, the Wilhelminian buildings of this working-class district became the meeting points of members of the countermovement.

After the end of the Division empty houses and a lively scene attracted squatters and artists. Soon this appealing area became an eldorado for differently thinking and creative people.

travelxsite berlin walking tour prenzlauer berg cafe

Today, after redevelopment, a mixture of alternative lifestyle, young families, creative minds and the successful professionals is defining the quarter.

This tour gives us an insight on the history of the working-class district, its demise, the invasion of squatters and its rise to one of most popular quarters of Berlin.

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